Friday, May 1, 2015

Reflection piece

It's been quite a week....
Grace and I have been working so hard to the point where I fall asleep every night at my dining room table in a pile of homework that still needs to be done. The St. Jude representatives from Michigan were pushing us to get more people to sign up and we were trying our very best. They supported us a very great amount and I can't be any more thankful for them, as I enjoyed working with them as well. There is simply not enough time to have our event ready in two weeks. The forms that we have been trying so hard to get have not been fully approved yet and  the school suggested that we wait until next school year to have this event. Grace and I agreed that this would be the best solution. We decided to look to the positive side of being able to plan an even greater event and more successful one next year. Grace and I were very sad to realize that our event we worked so hard to achieve, won't happen. However, I am very determined that this will happen for sure next year and I can't wait. I have to admit that what made this project so stressful, was the way I was treated by teachers. Going through this project, I now realize that I was doing everything I could to make this project happen. It seemed to me that every day, Grace and I did something wrong and that's not okay. Now I look back and realize that I was doing the right thing and I let others convince me that I wasn't working to my hardest potential. It made me think everyday, What am I doing wrong? Am I really not working hard enough? I can tell you right now that I was working hard enough. There were many misunderstandings throughout this project and it all got bottled up in my head until the point where I couldn't take it anymore. I'm not the type of kid who sits there and takes whatever words are thrown at my face when they're unfair. I needed to do something about it and that's exactly what Grace and I did. We worked even harder and decided to ignore the negative words that were thrown at us. I for one, do not think that Grace and I have failed. This project has taught me to be a stronger person each and every day. It's taught me to learn from my mistakes. There's one important thing that I would say is the most important though. Everyone fails. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone regrets. But isn't that what makes us human?

Monday, April 20, 2015

What I've learned

It's been a while since my last post and that's for a reason. We were taught in class that we need to stop learning and apply what we've leaned about our projects to move forward. We need to stop taking in new information and we need to think about what we have learned and apply it to our projects. There have been many, many obstacles lately with this project and I can't begin to explain how much I've learned from them. Grace and I have made errors as we go through this project but there are so many more positive successes that we've had. We have so far, 22 people signed up to come to the up till dawn event. This week, is the time we have to encourage students to participate. I'm very confident in getting this number up, as Grace is too. Initially, the amount that had to be raised by each individual to participate was $100. Each time we told people that, they automatically began to worry about how they would get the money. And being in high school, I totally get the fact that money isn't an easy thing to get. We have lowered the participation price to $50, as this is the lowest we can go. We have our event planned out and we couldn't be more excited for this!!! I've learned that being passionate about something makes it fun. I've learned that sometimes you will encounter difficult people throughout your project but that shouldn't stop you from achieving what you're passionate about. I've learned to be more confident in the choices I make as I go through this project. I've also learned to speak up or stick up for myself when it comes to decision making. Grace and I have been building our self confidence in order to show how passionate we are and to make this event happen. Never give up. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cotton Candy and SO much more...

This week Grace and I held another meeting for the fundraiser and we went over everything that has been done so far. A LOT has been done and Grace and I are so excited. We've gotten in touch with a lot more companies that are willing to lower their prices for us which is great. We are looking at booking a hypnotist and other interesting things that will keep the night alive. We also reached out to a friend of mine that has ice cream carts that they are willing to let us borrow for the night. We are also looking for a cotton candy machine because who doesn't love cotton candy I mean come on....So yeah we have a lot accomplished but there's always more we can do. We are also looking at websites that have small fun things for low prices like beaded necklaces, bracelets, etc. We are also trying to find decorations for the event so that it sets a fun mood. We have chosen our budget and goal which helps us out a ton and keeps us motivated. Now we are focusing on sponsors and donations much more because since this week is our last full week of school before spring break, we won't have much time. We still need to reach out to small places that are willing to donate food for breakfast the next morning like bagels, donuts, coffee, juice, etc. AHH I love 20 time!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Important week

Let's just say that this week has been crazy. Grace and I had a meeting with our committee last week and decided we needed to have another one this week. The meeting was more centered around assigning  jobs to our friends and designing flyers and checklists. It's actually pretty great to have a committee consisting of people from each grade because everyone seems to have connections with businesses! It makes this fundraiser even more exciting..(if that's possible). This week is crucial for us because we have a month and a half left before we need to have everything set in place. This morning we called many places that have blow up laser tag in hopes of getting everything for a very low price. It's been hard to get in touch with a lot of businesses during the week because their office hours are during our school hours However, we had 20 time today at 8am so we decided to call them this morning. We have gotten all of the building forms approved and the proposal typed, so basically now it's all about working to our full potential. When I say this fundraiser is getting stressful, I don't mean it in a bad way. It's actually so fun because I love the feeling of not knowing what will happen next or what to do next. It forces me to think more and use my imagination, which is something that I've always want to do. Grace and I couldn't thank our wonderful committee enough, they have been truly wonderful with helping. Soon our class will begin talking about the Ted X event for Grosse Pointe South. Grace and I are very interested in this opportunity and we can't wait to hear more about it. This project is truly the best thing I've done and Mr. Provenzano supports us with the decisions we make. We couldn't ask for a better mentor and I'm so happy to have been given the opportunity to try and accomplish something I'm passionate about every day.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Getting Closer

I think this may be the first time I've stopped to sit all break...because I've been working on the project. Now don't get me wrong, I love working on it but it has been a bit stressful. Last week, Grace and I had the meeting with the principle of our school and the St. Jude representatives of Michigan. It went very well and we also brought the representatives by our mentors room so that they could meet. It was such an amazing experience and we are still over the moon about how exciting everything is getting. I'm the one who freaks out half the time because I want everything to be perfect, while Grace, sits there and laughs because she has it all under control. We're a good balance for each other though because sometimes you have to be a little worried!! Anyways, during the meeting we mostly talked about the way things will be run and all of the qualifications that we'll need in order to make this event a success. We have a proposal set and ready to be presented to possibly the School Board in order for new ideas to be heard. After all, this project isn't about winning. It's about learning from a new experience and learning how to get back up after you fall. So far, we've fell around five times and I never knew that I would learn how to get back up so quickly. Thank you 20 time, for teaching me the ropes....I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Getting ready.....

Next week on Tuesday, Grace and I are having a meeting with the principle of our school and the St. Jude representatives of Michigan!!! We couldn't be any more excited to meet the people we've been working with for a while. Talking face to face with the representatives would really benefit this fundraiser. We plan to talk about basically everything we've done so far.....which is a lot!!! Anyways, I've been researching things to do at an event like this. I really want to make this fun for everyone who comes and have all types of activities to do. We have a few ideas in mind but none have really caught our interest. I can't wait to see how this event turns's what I think about more than half the time! We have spent every day on this project, outside of school and in school on Friday's. We are definitely the point where we fall asleep next to the computer. We'll be updating on what happens at the meeting!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Exciting news!!!!

Wow..... okay, so this week brought a lot of exciting news!!! Grace and I have been working as hard as we possibly could this week and it was really fun. We got in contact with the St. Jude representatives from Michigan, which was an amazing experience. We mostly talked about how things will be run, how things should be done in order to have a successful fundraiser, all of the liability information and tons more! This event is really coming along and I couldn't be more excited...especially because I'm doing it with my friend of 10+ years!! Anyways, I realized that if this event is going to happen, we need to make it exciting somehow. We had a lot of different ideas but none are really set in stone yet...except for a couple. I managed to get many expensive items donated to us in order to include to the fundraiser, which we are very excited about! I just can't believe that things are starting to fall into place...I guess hard work really does pay off. I have to admit that the planning of this event has been extremely stressful but I think it's completely worth it. There are still many teachers that we need to talk to, in order for this event to happen but I'm very confident. We need to plan so much more but we are in a really good position as of now! Currently, the event will take place in early May. However, our initial fundraiser idea was called "Up Till Dawn." It came to our realization, that it's for colleges only and we were really sad to find that out. BUT!!! We came up with the idea of having an "Up Till Dawn Jr." instead. That way, the name will be similar and the idea will be similar, but chaperons will be needed. There are many things we still need to work out with the school and all, but hopefully everything turns out okay! I'm so excited!!!!