Sunday, December 7, 2014

Moving Forward

I've been processing that what I chose to do won't be easy. I've been contacting many emails of St. Jude, with my partner grace and we have finally gotten some responses back! We are finally focusing on what fundraisers we will make happen and all of the necessary items that will go along with them. We are focusing on doing two fundraisers over the next months. One of them will be a "Trike-A-Thon," that will essentially raise money as everyone rides their bikes around a certain area. They will have to pay in order to participate but this will be fun for all ages. We are also looking into opening this fundraiser to not just bikes, but anything else that someone would like to ride. Maybe a skateboard, longboard, roller blades, and many other things as well. Our next fundraiser would be about a month later than the Trike-A-Thon. It would be an "Up Till' Dawn" fundraiser where we will assemble teams of 6, and stay up all night in a safe location. In order for each person to participate, they will have had to accumulate $100 that will go towards St. Jude.

I'm very confident in this project and I couldn't be any more excited! I know that there will be many struggles along the way, but that's what is most exciting. The challenges that I know I can overcome give me inspiration to continue to be passionate about this. As I have said in my previous blogs, Happiness is something that everyone needs, and the fact that I am able to provide that for these kids, is honestly just so amazing and I can't put it into words.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


I've realized that doing anything involving money is a challenge. My partner and I have reached out to St. Jude and got an email back with some helpful information. In all honesty, I'm a bit stuck right now and I'm not really sure how to move forward. Obviously, time is something that plays a key role in The Happiness Project. I'm focusing on organizing and planning ahead while waiting for the responses from all of the emails my parnter and I have sent. I'm so passionate about this becoming a success, that standing still is hard for me.

I spend a long time thinking about these children who are in need of happiness. I hosted a fundraiser over the past summer by the name of "Kids for Kids." It basically was a fundraiser organized by myself and a few of my closest friends, that was a very amazing success. We had many wonderful companies sponsor us, we had many things donated to us, and most importantly we raised way above our esimated goal. We raised $16000 and it was one of the most emotional and happy days of my life. The fundraiser was held in August and just a month ago I recieved an email back from St. Jude. They began to explain to me that this money was used for one full day of Chemotherapy, One full day of Oxygen, and two Ultra sounds. I want The Happiness Project to focus more on Happiness, but meet the goals of the past fundraiser. That was a life changing experience for me and I would love for the Happiness Prjoect to be one too.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Process

Making kids happy is something that makes me feel so incredible. I grew up with an amazing family and everything that I needed. I was healthy, I had the ability to grow up happy, and I had an amazing friend of ten years, Grace who is now my partner for this project. If I have the power to make a child or anyone happy...I will find a way to do it. We are working towards raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and possibly traveling to Memphis, Tennessee where the base is located. In all honesty, this has been a challenge but I will never give up hope. In my eyes, all kids deserve to feel happiness or joy. I was given the privilege to be happy as a child and I would love to give other kids the same opportunity.

Every person needs love or happiness. You need some kind of emotion to bring you through life. These kids are in need of happiness and joy as some of their final days approach them. As sad as this is, making their last days happy is what's important. I'm so passionate about kids having the opportunity to do what they want or what makes them happy. If Grace and I can actually travel to the base and be with the kids, it would be a life changing experience.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Happiness Project

I've always wanted to have an impact on the world or make a difference. I have worked with St. Judes Children's Hospital of research in the past, but I'm still very interested in helping more. My partner Grace Scott, has also been a huge help during this process! Instead of just raising money for the Hospital, we would like to possibly make cards for many children or host a toy drive. Raising money is still something we will keep in mind by possibly holding a variety of small fundraisers, hosting bake sales, and anything else that will help. The Happiness Project will focus on making kids happy in many different ways. The one goal I would like to accomplish would be to make donations to this hospital.