Sunday, December 7, 2014

Moving Forward

I've been processing that what I chose to do won't be easy. I've been contacting many emails of St. Jude, with my partner grace and we have finally gotten some responses back! We are finally focusing on what fundraisers we will make happen and all of the necessary items that will go along with them. We are focusing on doing two fundraisers over the next months. One of them will be a "Trike-A-Thon," that will essentially raise money as everyone rides their bikes around a certain area. They will have to pay in order to participate but this will be fun for all ages. We are also looking into opening this fundraiser to not just bikes, but anything else that someone would like to ride. Maybe a skateboard, longboard, roller blades, and many other things as well. Our next fundraiser would be about a month later than the Trike-A-Thon. It would be an "Up Till' Dawn" fundraiser where we will assemble teams of 6, and stay up all night in a safe location. In order for each person to participate, they will have had to accumulate $100 that will go towards St. Jude.

I'm very confident in this project and I couldn't be any more excited! I know that there will be many struggles along the way, but that's what is most exciting. The challenges that I know I can overcome give me inspiration to continue to be passionate about this. As I have said in my previous blogs, Happiness is something that everyone needs, and the fact that I am able to provide that for these kids, is honestly just so amazing and I can't put it into words.