Sunday, January 25, 2015

Exciting news!!!!

Wow..... okay, so this week brought a lot of exciting news!!! Grace and I have been working as hard as we possibly could this week and it was really fun. We got in contact with the St. Jude representatives from Michigan, which was an amazing experience. We mostly talked about how things will be run, how things should be done in order to have a successful fundraiser, all of the liability information and tons more! This event is really coming along and I couldn't be more excited...especially because I'm doing it with my friend of 10+ years!! Anyways, I realized that if this event is going to happen, we need to make it exciting somehow. We had a lot of different ideas but none are really set in stone yet...except for a couple. I managed to get many expensive items donated to us in order to include to the fundraiser, which we are very excited about! I just can't believe that things are starting to fall into place...I guess hard work really does pay off. I have to admit that the planning of this event has been extremely stressful but I think it's completely worth it. There are still many teachers that we need to talk to, in order for this event to happen but I'm very confident. We need to plan so much more but we are in a really good position as of now! Currently, the event will take place in early May. However, our initial fundraiser idea was called "Up Till Dawn." It came to our realization, that it's for colleges only and we were really sad to find that out. BUT!!! We came up with the idea of having an "Up Till Dawn Jr." instead. That way, the name will be similar and the idea will be similar, but chaperons will be needed. There are many things we still need to work out with the school and all, but hopefully everything turns out okay! I'm so excited!!!!

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