Friday, February 6, 2015

Getting ready.....

Next week on Tuesday, Grace and I are having a meeting with the principle of our school and the St. Jude representatives of Michigan!!! We couldn't be any more excited to meet the people we've been working with for a while. Talking face to face with the representatives would really benefit this fundraiser. We plan to talk about basically everything we've done so far.....which is a lot!!! Anyways, I've been researching things to do at an event like this. I really want to make this fun for everyone who comes and have all types of activities to do. We have a few ideas in mind but none have really caught our interest. I can't wait to see how this event turns's what I think about more than half the time! We have spent every day on this project, outside of school and in school on Friday's. We are definitely the point where we fall asleep next to the computer. We'll be updating on what happens at the meeting!

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