Monday, April 20, 2015

What I've learned

It's been a while since my last post and that's for a reason. We were taught in class that we need to stop learning and apply what we've leaned about our projects to move forward. We need to stop taking in new information and we need to think about what we have learned and apply it to our projects. There have been many, many obstacles lately with this project and I can't begin to explain how much I've learned from them. Grace and I have made errors as we go through this project but there are so many more positive successes that we've had. We have so far, 22 people signed up to come to the up till dawn event. This week, is the time we have to encourage students to participate. I'm very confident in getting this number up, as Grace is too. Initially, the amount that had to be raised by each individual to participate was $100. Each time we told people that, they automatically began to worry about how they would get the money. And being in high school, I totally get the fact that money isn't an easy thing to get. We have lowered the participation price to $50, as this is the lowest we can go. We have our event planned out and we couldn't be more excited for this!!! I've learned that being passionate about something makes it fun. I've learned that sometimes you will encounter difficult people throughout your project but that shouldn't stop you from achieving what you're passionate about. I've learned to be more confident in the choices I make as I go through this project. I've also learned to speak up or stick up for myself when it comes to decision making. Grace and I have been building our self confidence in order to show how passionate we are and to make this event happen. Never give up.